12-week Blueprint

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The 12-Week Blueprint

It's time to propel forward. The 12-week blueprint includes 12 one hour sessions + unlimited email and text access to me in between sessions. See below for more info!


More on the 12-week Blueprint

The 12 week blueprint is is designed not only to build the foundation for your growth but gives enough time to really propel you into action.

During the 12 weeks we'll identify where you're at currently and where you'd like to be. I'll help you get clear on a goal (or goals) that feels attainable to you within the 12 weeks. The goals can be as open or specific as you want. With this clarity, I'll help you to identify where you're getting stuck, how to move through habits and beliefs that are getting in your way,  and teach you how to move forward and manifest.

These sessions are meant to be a safe container to dream as big as you want to. No one telling you to be more realistic, rationalize you, or fit you into a mold. The blueprint is you. There is never a one-size-fits-all way to grow as an individual, which is why these 12 weeks are tailored to your personal growth.

Are you ready? ✨

Booking Details

- The 12-week blueprint includes: twelve 1-hour sessions

- Total $907.20 ($75.6 per session - that's 10% off non-package pricing)

- Payment methods accepted: Venmo, Cash App, PayPal

- To book an appointment, please email info@abbybly.com, my schedule is flexible, just email me with a few times that will work for you!